When you begin selling online, you may need to purchase a very large number of packing boxes. The greater the volume of what you are selling, the more cost-effective it is to find the cheapest shipping boxes possible. While you can purchase boxes in bulk, when you are first getting your business started, purchasing in bulk may not be necessary and you will instead want to find ways to obtain affordable individual boxes. Here are some tips for finding and using boxes properly if you're just getting underway:

Places to Buy Boxes

There may be many places nearby your home where you can purchase packing boxes, including:

  • Nearby retailers

  • Moving companies

  • Truck rental companies

Moving companies and truck rental companies usually sell boxes for cheaper than other types of stores. Simply call the store and ask if they have shipping boxes for sale. If you are already using a shipping company to send your merchandise, ask them if they can cut you a deal.

Getting the Right Box

Having the right box plays a major role in how expensive shipping will be. You will not only need to factor in the size of your merchandise, but also any protective padding you must use. When you have a box that is too large, you will not only be spending more money for the box, but will also be spending more money for the extra weight.

The type of box you choose is crucial, which is why you may need to visit a box store instead of a general retail store. If you are selling pictures or artwork, you will need a picture box. If you are selling TVs, you will need a TV box. These boxes take up a minimum amount of space, saving you the most money.

Using the Box Properly

One way to get the most out of a box is to try to pack more than one thing into the box. This is possible if your customer has purchased more than one item. Also, if you can trim down your box, you will reduce the weight. While this won't save you money on the box itself, trimming the excess flaps with a knife will cut down shipping costs.

As your business grows, you will need to begin purchasing boxes in bulk. When consulting with bulk box sellers, make sure that they have the specific type of box that you need. Then, understand how much they charge for a bulk order of boxes. If minimum number of boxes you can order meets your business needs, you have a deal.