The sign that is used to initially attract customers to a business is all about making the right impression, and in the world of small business, first impressions can mean everything. When you are in the process of ordering your very first sign as a small business owner, there are a few very important, and often unknown, rules that should be followed. It all comes down to a basic listing of ABCs of sign usage for small businesses that you should be fully aware of before you order your sign and have it installed.

  • Advertising - First and foremost, your sign should advertise what your business is all about. It should give customers an inside look at your business without saying a whole lot, and this can only be accomplished through careful sign design planning right from the start. The business name and possibly a slogan may be enough, or if you need something a little more informative, contact information, such as a web address could be added.
  • Bold - A new sign that is dull and drab will barely ever get your small business noticed. It should be bold enough to stand out and attract attention, whether it is through the use of lighting, lettering, or color schemes. But, there is a fine line between bold and tacky. Your sign should fit in seamlessly with the exterior of your building and the atmosphere. For example, too many neon lights could make a professional business appear less professional to customers.
  • Color - Color has a lot to do with the impression you make on prospective customers. The color scheme you choose for your sign should directly reflect the personality of your business. For example, a primary color scheme will likely portray a business that is associated with children and red and white can usually be pinned as a medical business sign. So choose your color scheme wisely to make the best impressions.
  • Decisiveness - When customers see your sign, they should know what they are looking at right away, which is achieved through decisive planning and design. If you are struggling with clear sign design, it is always best to work with a professional sign designer to get the clearest outcome.

The bottom line is, your small business sign may be one of the only chances you have to make an impression on new customers. Well before sign installation, you should work hard to understand the basics of appropriate and effective sign design. For assistance, talk to a professional like Cardinal Sign.