If you own an office and you have several employees working for you, you may want to consider having a bottled water service bring fresh water to your establishment on a set schedule. Water is necessary to remain hydrated and is needed throughout the day to stay in good health. Offering water in a convenient location can help keep production levels high as employees will be refreshed with water whenever they wish. Here are some reasons why a bottled water service makes sense within an office environment.

Environmentally Friendly

Using a bottled water service helps to keep smaller water bottles out of landfills, while helping to reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be recycled. If you enjoying helping the environment by going green, this is a great way to help keep the carbon footprint smaller. There are 128 fluid ounces in a gallon. This means a five gallon jug of bottled water would eliminate approximately eight 16.9 oz bottles of water.

Temperature Control Option

Many water dispensers have two separate spigots, allowing you to choose between fresh, cold drinking water or steaming hot water. The hot water option is a perk that allows employees to enjoy a cup of tea, a delicious bowl of instant soup, or a mug full of cocoa. Those who didn't have time to have breakfast before heading to work can make a quick bowl of instant oatmeal without needing to head to the cafeteria to use a microwave.

No Need To Store Leftovers

When people use individual water bottles, a recycling plan would need to be put into place for disposal. This can lead to a storage area full of empty plastic bottles, creating an eyesore and wasting a bunch of space. When large bottles of delivered water are emptied, they can be neatly stacked in a predetermined area for the delivery service to swap with full bottles. There will never be a huge surplus of empties sticking around, helping to keep your office neat as a result.

No Hassle Delivery

Your delivery service will bring water on a set schedule according to your wishes. As water is consumed, trends will be noted, helping to determine the frequency needed for refilling. A delivery service will handle the transport of the water from their plant to your office, allowing you to avoid having to do any heavy lifting or shopping in a store yourself. 

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