Storage units are used for a number of different reasons, but the ultimate reason for your unit is to hold onto things you just don't have room for but still want to hang onto. Storage units vary in size and price; they also come in temperature controlled settings (or not). See below for tips to help you get the most out of your unit.

Pack Properly

Pack your boxes in uniform sizes to help stack them easier into your unit. Stack heavy boxes at the bottom, then lighter boxes on top. If you have books, be sure to pack them in smaller boxes to help make them easier to carry. Storage totes are also a good option, as they are easy to stack on top of one another if needed. Be sure to mark each box or tote with the contents on the top, as well as the sides. Being specific with the contents of each box will help you save time when you go into your unit to look for something. 

Leave Aisleways

Be sure to leave aisles throughout the storage unit to help you get to the back if need be. Leave a small aisle way through the middle, as well as around the sides. Leaving space between your items also helps with air flow (especially if you don't have a temperature controlled unit), as moisture can damage your boxes and their contents.

Invest In Shelves

If you plan on having your storage unit for some time and have a lot of boxes or totes, you may want to invest in shelving to place the totes or boxes onto. This will help prevent your boxes from caving into one another and keeps them up and off of the floor. It will also make getting into the totes/boxes easier, as you can just pull the tote/box off of the shelf to get into it.

Fill Empty Spaces

Empty spaces such as garbage cans being used to hold gardening tools (shovels, rakes, etc.). Dresser drawers can also be used to hold items, as well as vases and other containers sitting empty. Filling in these empty spaces helps make room elsewhere, just be sure to mark where these items were placed.

Making the most out of your storage space will help allow you to invest in a smaller unit, rather than a larger and most likely unnecessary unit, which will save you some of your hard-earned money.