If you have to have a security guard on your property, you can choose between armed and unarmed. However, be aware that the armed guard's firearm is very real, so this is not a light choice to make. You must be sure that this is the option you want and that you are aware of how that firearm could affect the outcome of any incidents. Carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of having an armed guards through a place like Security Services Northwest, Inc so that you make the best choice.

The Threat Is Real

Providing an armed security guard for an event or for regular monitoring of a property shows criminals you mean business. These guards are licensed to use their weapons and will do so if needed. That could put a lot of crooks off the idea of trying anything on your property. While a determined crook targeting your business might still try something, the garden-variety crook looking for an easy target is likely to choose another place.

More Physical Safety for the Guard

Without a firearm, the guard has to get up close and personal with anyone he or she is trying to stop. That can result in a higher risk of injury to the guard. With a firearm, the guard can keep more distance between him- or herself and crook. That doesn't mean any interactions will necessarily be safer overall, especially if the crook has a gun too, or if he or she is under the influence of drugs and displaying highly reckless and bizarre behavior. But if the crook does have a gun, or if the crook can't be stopped unless physically restrained (if not shot), then having a gun will help the guard stay safer.

Weapons Can Be Taken

However, weapons can be taken. If the guard is disarmed, that could result in a worse situation than if the guard had backed off pursuit and called the local police to have them take over. You must be sure the guard you hire is properly trained in avoiding situations where a crook might get ahold of the gun.

Attitude Adjustment

You must also be sure the guard you hire is level-headed and well-trained in the legal side of using a firearm. He or she needs to know how to keep anger under control and use the gun only when absolutely necessary.

Talk to security companies and find out what training they give their guards. Also talk to local police to see if they know of companies with whom they've had better experiences when investigating crimes.