If you sit in a cotton-upholstered office chair whenever you complete paperwork in your home office and would like to remove coffee stains from the fabric's surface, complete the following steps. Once the cotton material has been restored to its original state, place a clear plastic cover that is fitted over the fabric whenever you will be drinking or eating in the chair to prevent the fabric from becoming stained again.


  • white vinegar
  • mild liquid soap
  • water
  • spray bottle
  • soft-bristled scrub brush
  • color-safe bleach (oxygenated)
  • hairdryer
  • odor neutralizing powder
  • fabric refreshing spray
  • vacuum cleaner (hose attachment)
  • measuring tape
  • clear, fitted cover

Apply A Cleaning Agent And Scrub The Stained Areas

Mix equal amounts of white vinegar, mild liquid soap, and water in a spray bottle. Spray stained parts of the fabric with the cleaning solution until the fabric is damp. Wait a few minutes for the cleaning agent to penetrate the fabric and loosen stains. Move a soft-bristled brush swiftly over the portions of the fabric that have been sprayed to assist with removing discolorations in the fabric. If the stains are deeply embedded, pour a small amount of color-safe bleach into the spray bottle in order to provide the cleaning agent with more strength.

Dry The Fabric And Neutralize Odors

Move a hairdryer back and forth over the damp fabric to assist with speeding up the drying process. Once the cotton fabric has dried, sprinkle odor neutralizing powder over any portions of the fabric that are emitting an unpleasant odor. Allow the powder to sit on the fabric for several minutes. Afterwards, vacuum up the granules with a vacuum cleaner's suction hose.

If you do not have any odor neutralizing powder on hand, apply a fabric refreshing spray to the fabric. After the spray has been administered, wait for the cotton surface to dry before sitting in the chair.

Purchase A Cover And Secure It To The Chair

Purchase a clear, fitted covered that is waterproof. In order to ensure that the cover will fit, measure the length, width, and height of the chair. A clear cover will not compromise the appearance of the chair. It can quickly be secured to the chair whenever you will be eating or drinking while sitting in it. You may even decide to leave the cover on permanently in order to preserve the appearance of the cotton fabric and prevent the need to complete extensive cleaning steps in the future.