Marketing your business can cut significantly into your profits. Yet, all the advertisements in the world can't match the power of a glowing review from a current customer. Word-of-mouth marketing is often underestimated for the tremendous impact it can have for building a business. As you review your marketing strategy this quarter, consider these simple ways to attract more customers to your business simply by getting everyone talking.

Give Them the Unexpected

Going the extra mile is one of the best ways to keep your customers coming back for more, but you want to do more than just provide great service if you want them bragging about your business to their friends. Think about the parts of your business that customers may find boring or annoying, and make it better. For example, a dentist office or other business that involves waiting will benefit when you buy new arcade machines that make coming to an appointment fun. Unexpected touches such as these will have adults and kids alike talking about your company. Check out a company like Birmingnam Vending Company if you'd like to add arcade machines to your office.

Host Contests and Competitions

Everyone loves a little competition, and you can turn a simple contest into a major marketing opportunity. For maximum impact, host a contest that invites spectators to participate such as a retro arcade game night. Make sure to advertise your contest online by encouraging competitors to invite their friends and family to watch them compete. Within minutes of starting the contest, your business will be flooded with new potential customers who will likely become regulars.

Highlight Customers on Your Website

Everyone loves fame, and the minute you post a picture of one of your customers online, you can just bet that they will be linking it to their social media account so that they can show off to everyone. While you always want to get permission before posting a picture publicly, you can enjoy knowing that every time that picture is shared you get more attention brought to your business.

Other than being extremely inexpensive, word-of-mouth marketing builds upon itself since each new customer has the potential to reach an entire new crowd. Before you launch your marketing plan, remember that these strategies all work best when they are implemented together, since unexpected touches such as new arcade games can easily be turned into competitions that turn into perfect photo opportunities. Since your current customers are often connected to your target audience, use their enthusiasm to boost your business to new heights.