Advertising is essential when running a business. If you are not taking the time to advertise, you are definitely not reaching out to the maximum amount of people possible, and that means you are likely losing out on a lot of business. If you want to see significant business growth over the next few years, there are plenty of fun and simple ways to advertise.

Use Instagram to Your Advantage

Did you know one of the best advertising methods is completely free and can be completed right from your laptop? You should be using Instagram to your advantage to attract even more customers to purchase products from you. The best way to get more exposure and receive positive feedback is to take professional photographs of various products, upload pictures to Instagram at the right times and encourage people to use hashtags if and when they try the specific product you have posted.

You should look into the best times to post on the social site each day since users seem to log into their accounts more often at specific times. You can slowly start to watch your followers grow. If you have more followers, you may have more customers, and that means you could make more money.

Give Out Custom Stickers to Customers With Each Purchase

Consider having custom stickers designed that have your unique logo printed on them. Each time a customer makes a purchase, you can throw a sticker or two in their shopping bag. The thing about stickers is that people like to use them and if they are putting them on different objects, such as books or folders, other people will see the business logo as well. Some customers may start talking about the business if someone asks them what the logo represents. They might even give their stickers to a friend who would be interested in checking out your business.

There are companies like Northwest Label that can handle the sticker printing for you. Simply choose the colors and designs, preview the finished piece and then have as many as you need printed out.

Attend Local Events With Free Promotional Gear and Business Cards

As a member of the community and a business owner, a fun way to advertise for your business is to attend local events and hand out promotional gear with business cards. You can choose from all kinds of business gear, including T-shirts and hats that people can wear. Not only can you have a good time supporting the community while attending these events, but you can meet new people and possibly turn strangers into customers in no time.