If you buy a gun safe for your home — especially if it's a large safe built to hold shotguns and rifles — you have the advantage of having secure storage for a wide range of valuable or important items. Beyond storing your firearms, large guns safes are typically equipped with an upper rack, and many have storage pouches built into the inside of the door. This means that you can store a wide range of items and that you might not need to buy a conventional safe. Other than guns, here are some other things that are worthwhile to keep in your gun safe.


If you're taking the precaution to store your guns in a gun safe, it's important to use the same diligence for storing your ammunition. You don't want to leave ammunition around the house; children could play with it, which is dangerous, and it might be targeted by thieves in the event of a break-in. The shelf inside your gun safe is a perfect spot for storing your ammunition. Keeping it all in one central location will also allow you to know exactly how much you have at any given time.

Other Weapons

Many people who own firearms also collect or own other forms of weaponry. In most cases, it's useful to keep these objects locked in your safe, too. Things such as swords, large knifes, bayonets, and other such sharp objects should be locked away so that children cannot injure themselves with them. Additionally, in the event that your home were to be broken into, you wouldn't want an accessible weapon within reach for the perpetrator to potentially use against you or a member of your family. Some large knives, machetes, and other such items might be part of your camping gear, but it's always best to keep them locked up instead of stored with your camping accessories.

Important Documents

Your gun safe can also serve to protect the valuable documents that you might otherwise keep in a conventional safe or store in a safety-deposit box at your local bank branch. Things such as your birth certificate, social security card, passport, and other house or financial documents are important to keep locked up. Doing so prevents them from being even temporarily lost, being taken during a break-in or destroyed in a flood or fire. Replacing these documents can require a significant investment of time and money, so you'll have peace of mind knowing that they're locked inside your gun safe.

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