If you're wasting money on fresh fruit each week, try freeze-dried fruit instead. Freeze-dried fruit can be just as delicious and convenient to eat or use as the fresh fruit you buy from your local market or grocery store. But unlike fresh fruit, freeze-dried fruit lasts longer for your family. Below are a few reasons you should choose freeze-dried fruit for your family today.

Longer Shelf Life

According to sources, about 30 to 40 percent of food goes to waste in America, including various types of fruit. Spoilage is one of the reasons people waste food items such as fruit each year. Freeze-dried fruit doesn't rot or deteriorate quickly, which is one of the benefits of choosing it for your family. 

Freeze-dried fruit has a long shelf life because of how it's processed. The process requires suppliers to:

  • rapidly freeze fruit in its natural state
  • slowly heat and thaw fruit to remove all signs of moisture from it
  • thoroughly dry and package fruit so that it stays fresh and edible

Because the process doesn't require the use of preservatives, extra sugars, or chemicals complete, the fruit is less prone to rot or deteriorate afterward. If you store your fruit properly, it can last several years before it goes bad.

In addition to having a longer shelf life, frozen dried fruit also works well in different types of recipes.  

Easier to Add to Different Recipes

If you're like many other parents, you want your family to eat fruit regularly to stay healthy. However, some children and adults may not want to eat fruit all the time. The uneaten fruit may be one of the reasons it goes bad so quickly in your home. 

Freeze-dried fruit goes well with a number of recipes, including pies, fruit cakes, and sweet and savory dishes. You only need to rehydrate the fruit with water for it to revert to its natural appearance and texture. Try to avoid using fruit juice and similar liquids to rehydrate your fruit. The liquids may not add enough moisture to your fruit.

You also want to use less sugar in your recipes. Some fruits can become sweeter during the freeze-drying process, including strawberries and mangos. If your recipes call for extra sugar, use a substitute sweetener instead. 

To purchase your fruit, contact a supplier online, or by telephone. A supplier can provide information on how and where to store your freeze-dried food after you order and purchase it.

Learn how freeze-dried fruit benefits your family by contacting a supplier online today.