If you found a house that you want to buy, you don't want to end up buying a home that ends up having a ton of hidden problems. That's why you have the opportunity to have a home inspection, which lets you know about all the potential faults a home has before you move forward with the sale. Here are some tips for having a home inspection done. 

Use An Independent Inspector

It is always a good idea to find your own independent inspector to perform the home inspection. If the seller is offering to give you a home inspection that they had done, this should be a big red flag. You do not know what information was not put into the home inspection report since the inspector the seller selected is reporting things that are in the seller's best interest. 

Prepare To Hear All The Small Problems

One thing that new home buyers get hung up on is getting a home inspection report back that has multiple pages of small problems. Know that it is the home inspector's job to find all of the little things wrong with a home and that it is normal to have issues with a home. You cannot let small problems prevent you from buying a home, especially if they are things that can be fixed after you purchase the home. You can't easily fix foundation damage, but you can easily do things like put in GFCI outlets in the kitchen near water sources. 

Plan To Attend The Home Inspection 

Your home inspector will be more than welcome to have you attend the home inspection to see the problem that they find first hand. However, it is important that you respect the home inspector's time and do not bog them down with too many questions that they will answer later on in the report. Attending a home inspection is almost like taking a class on home maintenance because you'll see all of the things the home inspector checks for and they will let you know what you should be doing in the future. 

Consider Bringing In Specialty Inspectors 

Your home inspector is going to give you a huge overview of the home and things that can potentially be wrong with it. However, they may not have the expertise that a specialist has in some areas. For example, you could hire a certified electrician to look at the electrical system or a foundation specialist to look at foundation damage. 

Reach out to a local home inspector for more information about what happens during a home inspection