Are you looking to get your child involved in music? Are you not sure which instrument they should learn first? If your child is the type that enjoys doing something different than everyone else, perhaps one musician instrument you should look into buying is an accordion. This classical instrument may not be in high demand among kids these days, but learning this instrument can actually benefit your child and provide lessons they can carry with them into further musical instruction.

Here's why you might want to encourage your child to learn how to play the accordion. 

A Wide Variety of Musical Genres

Is your child the type that is constantly jumping from one favorite thing to another? If you child likes different types of music from week to week, the accordion might be uniquely positioned to accommodate. There's only so many styles of music you can play on a piano or guitar. But there are many different musical genres that can be learned on the accordion. Sure, it might not sound exactly like it does on the radio, but the point is the accordion is a complex device that can be used to offer a unique take on almost any genre of song. With the versatility that an accordion provides, your child will likely never get bored.

Pull and Push Their Way Towards Greater Hand Strength and Dexterity

When you think about an accordion player, you probably envision them pushing and pulling the musical device back and forth. What you may not realize is that it can take a good bit of strength to push or pull the accordion. Your child doesn't need to be super strong to use the instrument, but they will have to put a little extra effort into it compared with say, the piano. The accordion can help your child build up additional hand strength and dexterity over time. This dexterity can in fact help your child if they want to go on and learn other types of instruments. 

Even if It's Too Difficult, Accordion Playing Can Provide Added Confidence

While the accordion is more complex than other musical instruments, don't assume it's not for beginner musicians. Starting with a more complex musical instrument could springboard your child towards a lifelong love or even a career with music. Learning a complex instrument right out the gate builds confidence that can be used to tackle other instruments as they get older.

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