If you're planning a move, you may have decided to leave this one to a moving contractor instead of trying to do it all yourself. If so, that reduces the workload that you have ahead of you. When you leave the packing and moving to a contractor, you can focus on some of the other details. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to understand to have a successful move.

Walk Through The New Place

Before the movers put anything into the new place, take time to do a full walkthrough. Make sure that the property is clear and ready for you to move in. Take time to clean it if necessary as well, because cleaning is easier when the place is completely empty.

While you're at it, mark spaces for the moving company. Labeling each room will help the movers get boxes and furniture where it needs to be, saving you from having to move things around afterward. This is particularly beneficial if your movers include furniture assembly as part of the package.

Address Any Safety Concerns

Before the movers and the rest of your family arrive with your belongings, consider any safety concerns you might have. Prepare space for your young children by ensuring safety plug placement and baby gate installation. Consider how you will keep your pets secure while the movers are bringing things in, too.

Consider Your Utilities

Call the utility services ahead of time to schedule service activation. Once you know when your utilities will be turned on, call and set up specific dates with your moving company to deliver your belongings after the utilities are on. That way, you have access to electricity, internet, and gas service when you move in.

Set Up Your Urgent-Need Supplies

Before the movers arrive to load everything into the trucks, take time to create a kit of your must-have supplies. Grab a change of clothes for each family member as well as toiletries, medications, and other necessities. Pack food, dishes, and treats for your pets as well. Finally, a coffee pot, filters, cups, and coffee grounds. That way, you have a first-night-in-the-new-house kit ready to go without having to dig through boxes the night you move in or the next morning. You can take the time to settle in comfortably.

These are some of the most important things to consider if you're planning a move. Talk with a mover today for more help.