IV infusions are a popular service for many enjoying a special event, such as a birthday, vacation, wedding, or event requiring a sleek appearance. With infusion therapy for birthdays, the main focus would be on boosting hydration levels and offsetting the impacts of a night on the town. Many fans of IV infusions use the service to replenish and ensure all essential vitamins are at optimum levels for resuming life. 

After the celebration infusion basics

Many after-party infusions focus on mitigating a hangover's impacts after a big event. A standard infusion cocktail provides a saline solution to help rehydrate the body the same as an IV bag can in the hospital. A mixture of vitamins tailored to any unique concerns, such as low energy levels or a lower immune system after drinking, is also added to the mix. Additional options for a mix include anti-nausea drugs, pain relievers, and antacids to combat woozy feelings, headaches, and indigestion the day after a party. 

Does it work?

The National Institute of Health reports that not drinking water after consuming excess alcohol can lead to mild dehydration. In turn, dehydration can amplify the feelings of a hangover, such as a headache, tiredness, thirst, and general sensitivity. Receiving an infusion of fluid and electrolytes can rapidly boost hydration levels, making recovery a faster experience. Vitamin mixtures may also help with recovery for any customers who were nutrient-deprived before the party. 

Safety considerations

According to a blog post regarding infusions, it's essential to pursue care in a safe environment with providers who are following all safety protocols. Only a trained professional licensed to provide IV services should start the IV with sterile needles and then provide aftercare. Because many celebratory infusions, such as wedding hydration therapy, may rely on premixed solutions, always report any allergies in full and specify any sensitivities to avoid a poor reaction to the infusion. Always review all disclosures provided at the facility and ask questions if anything is unclear.

Long-term use

IV therapy for birthdays provides an opportunity to lessen the effects of a night out on the rest of a birthday weekend or getaway. However, it is best used as a temporary measure to restore hydration and move forward. Avoid using therapy to provide a quick recovery from hangover symptoms and continue partying before the body has a chance to adequately process alcohol consumption from the night or the day before. Always drink responsibly and within personal limits for safe consumption.

For more information on infusion therapy for birthdays, contact a professional near you.